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Groups Sessions

Group therapy is a great way to consolidate and practice skills in a socially engaging and interactive environment.

At Kool KATTS, we offer gold standard evidence based group therapy programs, along with some programs that are tailored made to suit the interests of the children.

Benefits of Group-Based Therapy include:

  • The chance to practice of skills learnt in 1:1 therapy sessions
  • Improved social communication
  • Practice conversational skills learnt
  • Play negotiation skills
  • Opportunities to model skills to others
  • Real time self-monitoring and feedback from therapists on their thoughts, feelings, words and actions
  • A representative environment of a real-life social situation
  • Common goal focused therapy
  • More cost efficient

What will I (the parent) receive as part of the group program?

General feedback provided from your therapist each week, with a summary report given at the conclusion of group. Generalised homework will be provided to consolidate goals achieved during group session.

How much does it cost to attend a group?

Each group is priced individually according to the amount of children attending. Please contact our team to join a group waitlist and enquire about fe

Group Therapy Cancellation Policy

Due to the ongoing nature of these services, the full fee for each session will be charged and can not be refunded, waived, or transferred should your child be unable to attend. For more information on our group therapy cancellation policy, visit our cancellation policy

Here is the list of group programs run by our outstanding clinicians:

Secret Agent Society

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) curriculum equips kids with the skills to feel happier, calmer and braver while making new friends.

Sense Rugby

The Sense Rugby programme is designed to help kids who find it challenging to be part of a sports team.

Adventure Club

The kids get outdoors and adventure through the local parks while enhancing their motor skills. Learning tie knots and erect tents and climb.


Enjoy our specifically created basketball groups and improve coordination and motor skills while making new friends.

Social Squad

Our Social Squad group is designed for High school kids. These sessions support children while they learn the skills they need to navigate social situations successfully.

School Readiness

The group mimics a typical school morning to allow children to develop their self-regulation and social skills in a realistic setting to prepare for kindergarten.


Let your child explore new food smells, textures ant tastes as they explore new foods in an calm manner.


Kids will dance the day away and burn lots of energy as they learn new moves and techniques.

Gardening Group

This group allows the kids to show their creativity and learn how to care for a living item. 

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These are recurring groups they are many more during the school holidays. Click there to see the all the current groups and when they are going to run next.

Remember, groups are designed to engage participants in activities designed to enhance social and emotional skills as they confidently and comfortably build on their abilities. Our group therapy sessions provide a structured and nurturing space for children to thrive and grow. Click here to learn more or to register your child in one of our Groups.