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There are many benefits to telehealth therapy –  the use of videoconferencing technology to offer virtual OT support for children. Many parents and caregivers report better results than face-to-face occupational therapy sessions, as some children interact better over the screen. Telehealth is referred to as many things, including telepractice, telecare, teleconferencing and teletherapy.


The platform is well researched and a proven practical, evidence-based solution for those that live in remote or rural areas to access occupational therapy. It also offers an effective solution to facilitate therapy, while social distancing is recommended during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those that can benefit include those with ADHD, ASD, developmental delays, motor coordination issues, or those that need assistance with handwriting.

The aim of telehealth therapy:

  1. to support parents and caregivers through targeted interventions chosen specifically for the child.
  2. to improve participation or performance to work towards goals that will improve a child’s overall quality of life.
  3. to engage with parents and share knowledge and strategies with them during the session that can be carried over into their day-to-day lives.
  4. to deliver therapy in the comfort of a child’s home where they can benefit from practical, real-life situational learning.

How it works

Older children can usually participate in telehealth sessions independently to meet their occupational therapy goals. For younger children, or those with delayed language development, therapy is delivered using parent coaching. The parent is involved in the session, guided by the OT on how they can implement the therapy.

Sessions can be conducted using a tablet, a laptop or computer with audio and video functions. You’ll need a strong internet connection and good speed. Setting the table and chair in a quiet space, without the distractions of siblings or pets, and a consistent light source is recommended.

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