What is Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology is focused on diagnosing, treating, and supporting communication issues​. Speech pathologists, or speech therapists, work with people of all ages who have difficulties with speech, language, voice and fluency (stuttering). Speechies (as they are known) use various techniques, exercises, and therapies to help individuals improve their communication skills. The goal of speech pathology is to enhance a person’s quality of life by improving their ability to communicate effectively and participate in daily activities.

Our Speech Pathologists are trained to assess and provide therapy in all aspects of speech, communication and language development for children from birth through to the teenage years.

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What We Can Help

Your child will benefit from speech pathology if they have any of these developmental challenges:


Speech  – How we say sounds.

Receptive Language – Understanding concepts and following instructions.

Expressive Language – Using words and sentences to communicate ideas.

Stuttering – Repeating sounds and words, stretching sounds or getting otherwise stuck on words.

Literacy – Reading, reading comprehension and spelling.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) – Using ways other than spoken language to communicate.

Play – Using language in play to engage with others and developing more complex play themes.

Social communication – Self advocacy, perspective taking, and problem solving in social situations.


Our Speech Pathology sessions are tailored and can be delivered in many ways.

Why does it look like they’re just ‘playing‘?

Speech Therapy Sessions are designed to be fun and engaging – puzzles, games and play are all part of the therapy, but they are specifically designed to improve communication. Kool KATTS works closely with everyone in a child’s life that contributes to their development. This ensures everyone is working with the same goals in mind.

Speech Pathology is a degree-based health profession, regulated by Speech Pathology Australia

What’s the next step to book Speech Pathology?

Kool KATTS is an accredited NDIS Service Provider. Before you begin working with us, we will send you a Service Agreement and Schedule of Support.

A number of Medicare rebates may be available to use for occupational therapy based on your child’s diagnosis. This can be discussed in more detail with your GP. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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What’s next?