How do we provide our therapy?

Our highly trained clinicans are trained to assess and treat communication, play, sensory, motor and literacy difficulties and delays in babies, toddlers, children and adolescents. They are able to provide a wide variety of therapeutic intervention services to children, their families and their communities.

We offer one-on-one therapy sessions, telehealth online therapy sessions, and a range of group sessions and workshops which are held during school terms and holidays. Parents, carers, occupational therapists, and teachers will also benefit from our workshops and ongoing educational sessions.

Clinic Sessions

Kool KATTS therapy sessions in our purpose built clinic. They are designed around the particular goals and needs of each child, determined after an initial assessment.

Online Sessions

Telehealth provides continued contact and engagement in therapy via videoconferencing. It gives parents and caregivers support to implement education and strategies at home.

Group Sessions

We host a range of peer group sessions during holidays and school terms. These small workshop sessions include activities for primary school kids, secondary school teens, as well as a school readiness programme for pre-schoolers. They may be held in our clinic or outside.

Schools and Pre-schools

We offer convenient in-school OT sessions with children. Other services include class observations, teacher consultations and screenings.

Therapy Assistant

At Kool KATTS, we employ amazing future OT’s as our therapy assistants. Our therapy assistants are university students that have come to us on their practice placements and we’ve loved them so much we can’t let them go!

Water Therapy

Therapy in a pool offers a unique and effective approach. The water aids  in mobility and flexibility. Water resistance enhances muscle strength and endurance. The aquatic environment promotes relaxation and anxiety. It’s a holistic, refreshing way to achieve your childs goals.