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Psychology Services


Welcome to our Mental Health Support Services. At Kool Koaching we have a dedicated space designed to assist children and their families through the complexities of mental health and emotional well-being. At our practice, we understand the unique challenges children face in today’s world and the impact it has on their growth. We aim to provide compassionate and specialised care tailored to each families needs, working closely with parents to foster a nurturing environment where young minds and their families can flourish. With a team of experienced psychologists, we are committed to guiding your child towards resilience, emotional strength, and a brighter future.
Like other allied health disciplines, the role of a psychologist is to help you reach your goals. Our psychologist will work with you to identify, understand and address mental health difficulties occurring in your life, compromising your overall well-being or ability to function. The process includes thorough biopsychosocial assessment, formulation, psycho education, treatment and relapse prevention through evidence-based therapeutic interventions.  
The intervention our psychologist provides could include: 

 – Assessment of cognitive or intellectual functioning, to support a better understanding of the challenges you face and facilitate more effective intervention (we do not provide diagnostic assessments e.g. diagnosing a child with a condition such as Autism or ADHD) 

– Psychological intervention for older children, adolescents, adults and families.  

Our Psychology and Mental Health Services

At Kool Koaching we deliver these psychology services:

Psychology for children & Adolescents

Strategies to improve emotional regulation, inclusive of anger, anxiety, or sadness

Skills to facilitate social interactions, social communication, and connections with others

Family Psychology


Strategies to support a child’s emotional regulation, inclusive of anger, anxiety, or sadness.

Skills to facilitate attachment between parents and their neurodivergent children.


Psychology for Parents

Support with the adjustment to a new health condition or with challenges related to their child’s  lifelong disability

Strategies to improve emotional regulation, inclusive of anger, anxiety, or sadness

Psychology for Adults

Strategies to improve emotional regulation, inclusive of anger, anxiety, or sadness.

Relationship challenges that can come up parenting a child with additional needs.


Why Kool Koaching is right for you


Our clinic is centrally located in North Parramatta and is accessible by car or public transport. The Fennell Street light rail stop is outside our door!

Rebates under NDIS or Medicare

If you or your child has an NDIS plan with capacity building support we are able to utilise the plan for our psychology service

You are also able to claim a rebate from Medicare for our services.

About Pooja

Pooja is a registered psychologist who holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Psychology. She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults/parents with a range of diagnosis’ and mental health difficulties (including depression, anxiety, trauma and stress)

Multi Disciplinary Clinic

As our clinic offers OT and Speech Pathology too, our therapists (OT, Speech and Psychology) are able to collaborate easily and work towards a common goal. Thus saving you time and resources.


Our clinicians have ‘The Right Kattitude’! We are a team that works and plays together. We bring energy, enthusiasm, friendship, joy and laughter to the workplace. You wont’ find a better team culture anywhere else!

You are not alone in your struggles.