Parents as Partners

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You are our family

At Kool KATTS we recognise that parents are the experts in their child. That is why it’s essential for us to collaborate as partners on your child’s journey. We love working with our parents!

As part of the therapy process, we ensure that parents have the chance (in private) to share their trials, tribulations, goals, needs and wants for their children. Parenting a child with additional needs is not the same as a typically developing child. You need the opportunity to talk about what you’re going through with people that understand and cherish your child. We see the potential in your child but also empathise with the struggles you and your family are going through.

Our Parents as Partners sessions are held at a minimum of 2 per year. This is a session that involves just the parent and clinician. It can be held in-person in the clinic or via zoom at a time that is most convenient. Following this session, your clinician will develop a Support Plan detailing your child’s goals and a detailed intervention plan.

“I love working with children, but the thing that gets me pumped and out of bed in the morning is knowing that I can help make a parents life easier. Having a neurodivergent child myself I know how challenging it can be and how isolating it is. These Partnership sessions are a chance for parents to get it all off their chest in a safe space and make real action steps. They can ask all the questions they need to about why and how play can reach their child’s goals”

Kimberlee, Director