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OT Sessions

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One to One OT Sessions

One-on-one occupational therapy sessions are held with one of our experienced therapists in our clinic or your child’s school/preschool. Individual OT sessions are one of the best ways to help your child’s development, as they are tailored to your child’s exact needs.

We use goals set by the family to guide our intervention and target these specific goals.

Goals we often work on consist of:

  • Sensory processing challenges,
  • Gross motor coordination and strength,
  • Handwriting,
  • Daily life activities such as dressing or toileting.


An initial consultation is held with the OT that has the most experience in the areas your child is struggling with. These sessions typically take 1.5 hours and include standardised and non-standardised assessments specifically chosen for your child in order to identify and understand their challenges. Assessments are also important as we also use them as a benchmark to measure progress. The occupational therapist will compile a comprehensive report outlining the goals and guidelines for your child’s recommended therapy interventions.

Based on the long-term therapy goals identified, your child’s occupational therapist will tailor each session’s activities to build skills. Each session ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your child’s age, goals and progress.

Sessions are designed to be fun and engaging – puzzles, games and play are all part of the therapy but designed to improve concentration, strength, fine motor skills and more. The therapist will likely suggest further activities and exercises you can continue at home to practice the skills and incorporate them into your child’s home environment and daily routine.

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OT Sessions