Occupational Therapy and Schools

foam climbing sessions for therapy

Occupational Therapists in Schools

Kool KATTS works closely with schools and preschools in Parramatta and the surrounding areas, including offering courses to facilitate development and knowledge sharing. It’s important to us that our therapists have a positive relationship with schools and teachers/educators and many find it helpful to observe your child in the classroom setting.

We offer the following services:

  • School-based services
  • School-based observations
  • School consultations
  • School and preschool screenings


School-based services

Children are conveniently able to work one-on-one with our occupational therapists during school time. These sessions can be conducted in a quiet area of the school or in class depending on the needs of your child and the availability of space at your child’s school.

School-based observations

Our OT’s visit children they are working with to observe them in the classroom. They will typically be assessing:

  • play and leisure
  • social participation
  • self-care skills
  • transition and work skills

School consultations


Having observed a child’s challenges in the school setting, our OTs can help the teachers with strategies to support the children within the classroom.


School and preschool screenings

Working with schools and preschools, we help identify those students that would benefit from OT support. We get children to complete a few fun tasks as part of our screenings. We offer handwriting and school readiness screenings.


Kool KATTs offer in-service presentations. These are designed for the specific needs, interests or further development requirements of the group we are working with. These range from school readiness and handwriting, general child development, sensory processing and social thinking. They include:

  • Parent and carer workshops: These empowering sessions are designed for those wanting to understand the child’s developmental challenges better. You will learn strategies you can implement at home.
  • Teacher courses: These are designed to provide teachers with new insights into childhood development and equip them with practical strategies they can use to assist students.
  • Events for OTS and graduates. These helpful workshops expand or refresh knowledge for OTs.