Individual Occupational Therapy Sessions

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One to One OT Sessions

One to One Occupational Therapy Session for Kids

  • One-on-one Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology sessions are held with one of our experienced therapists in a number of settings. These may be in our clinic or your child’s school, preschool or daycare. Individual OT sessions are one of the best ways to help your child’s development, as they are tailored to your child’s exact needs. We use goals set by the family to guide our intervention and target these specific goals. Goals we often work on consist of:
  • Sensory processing challenges
  • Gross motor coordination and strength
  • Handwriting
  • Communication and Social Communication
  • Literacy and Learning
  • Parent Coaching
  • Play skills
  • Daily Living Skills – for example, showering, toileting, dressing, grooming, eating; or activities such as chores, getting a snack for self and others.
  • Emotional regulation challenges

Your child will work one-on-one with an occupational therapist as they develop their skills and develop confidence in meeting new challenges. Each program is tailored to the individual needs of the child to help them succeed. In an individual occupational therapy session, we are there every step of the way as your child meets and exceeds their goals or to adapt the program as needed.

What Does an OT Session With Your Child Look Like?

Based on the long-term therapy goals identified, your child’s occupational therapist and speech pathologist will tailor each session’s activities to build skills. Each session runs for one hour. Sessions are designed to be fun and engaging – puzzles, games and play are all part of the therapy but designed to improve communication, concentration, strength, fine motor skills and more. An occupational therapist might use play-based activities to help a child improve their fine motor skills, or sensory activities to address sensory processing challenges. We have a wide range of specialised equipment available to help children reach their full potential.

The therapist will likely suggest further activities and exercises you can continue at home to practice the skills and incorporate them into your child’s home environment and daily routine. Contact us to learn more about our approach to therapy and how we can help your child thrive.

Who is Child Occupational Therapy Sessions For?

We work with children of all ages! From newborns and toddlers to preschool to school-aged and teenagers. Occupational Therapy can benefit a wide range of children, but some of the most common reasons kids need OT include:

Developmental Delays: This can encompass delays in motor skills, sensory processing, communication, or social skills.

Medical Conditions: Children with conditions like cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or learning disabilities can often benefit from OT.

Sensory Processing Challenges: Some children struggle to process sensory information from their environment, which can impact daily activities. OT can help them manage these challenges.

Fine Motor Skills Difficulties: This might involve trouble with tasks like handwriting, cutting with scissors, or manipulating small objects.

Gross Motor Skill Delays: Children who have difficulty with activities like walking, running, jumping, or climbing stairs can benefit from OT.

Daily Living Skills: OT can help children with tasks like dressing, bathing, eating, and toileting.

Social and Emotional Challenges: Children who have difficulty interacting with peers, managing their emotions, or focusing in school can find support through OT.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development, it’s always best to consult with a pediatrician or healthcare professional. They can help determine if occupational therapy would be beneficial for your child or you can contact us and we can help you determine if occupational therapy sessions might be beneficial. 

Book Occupational Therapy in Parramatta

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