Current Covid Process

As at: 19/02/2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope that you have been well and if you have come down with Covid, it was swift recovery.

As the NSW government are commencing a reduction of restrictions, we will endeavour to follow suit while continuing to maintain the safety our team members and our families. Below is the protocol from February 21. We would like to thank you for your patience in these trying times and hopefully we are nearing the end of the tunnel.

Our current protocol is:
  • Children only to enter the building while we ascertain how the reduction in restrictions impact infections.
  • We encourage children to wear masks
  • If your child is visibly unwell during the session, we will terminate the session and call you to collect them.
  • All equipment and toys cleaned following sessions
  • Telehealth is available for any appointment at any time
  • Air purifiers are installed in all rooms
  • All team members are fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • As we are a disability service, our therapists continue to wear PPE during all sessions (face mask, eye wear and gloves)
  • Therapists will minimise contact with each other as much as possible
  • We ask that parents also continue to observe social distancing measures when dropping off/picking up children and please ensure you arrive on time.

What happens if anyone in my household gets sick?

  • Notify your therapist or Karin ( as soon as you can.
  • Let us know if your child attended while potentially infectious so that we are able to test your therapist.
  • As per the NSW Health Guidelines, refrain from face to face clinic sessions for 14 days.
  • During this time we will provide you with continuity of care to ensure your child does not regress in their development. You can chose from the below options
    • Zoom Telehealth session at home
    • A home program
    • Therapist to liaise with your child’s teacher/health professionals (GP, Paediatrician, Speech Therapist, Psychologist) during the hour you would have had your therapy session
    • An NDIS report (Yearly report if your plan is due within 3 months or a Support Plan to review your families goals)
  • If you are an NDIS participant and your child attended our office while infectious, we must advise the NDIS commission.

What happens if my therapist comes down with Covid?

  • We will contact you immediately by phone if your appointment is on the same day or by email if it is in the future. Your therapist will go into isolation for 2 weeks. We require 14 days isolation due to being a disability organisation.
  • If your therapist is well and asymptomatic, they will continue to provide you with therapy through telehealth.
  • If your therapist is unwell and has symptoms, they will take leave while they are unwell – this is likely to be one week and they will conduct telehealth sessions in the following week.
  • If possible, we will try to accommodate you with an alternate therapist.

Q: How will telehealth work if my child is too young to sit in front of a computer?

A: Don’t worry, our therapists are experts at delivering therapy via telehealth for children in early intervention. This will look a little different because we will instructing you on how to be your child’s play partner. The feedback parents have given us over the last two years regarding telehealth is that they feel this mode of therapy has helped them become more confident in supporting their children in social, emotional and behavioural challenges.

Q:Im missing face to face sessions? I need help with my child at home, I really want to know what’s happening in my child’s clinic session.

A: So please feel free to let your therapist know if you would like us to do any of the below alternatives;

  • You therapist can record part of the session, upload it to Microsoft Stream and email you the link (this is a secure server and only you will have access to this)
  • Have a one on one parent telehealth session to discuss any concerns you’re having at home and troubleshoot them.
  • Ask your child’s therapist to construct a sensory diet for you to provide at home (cost $193.99)

What’s the next step?

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and make any changes to our protocol as we see fit. We will keep this page updated so please refer to it before each session for any changes.

occupational therapy play room for kids and teends with large pillows and mats and hammocks from the ceiling in bright primary colours

What’s next?