To TOUCH or not to TOUCH… Touch Sensory Disorder

Does your child over-react to being touched or cuddled? Do they avoid certain clothing textures or tags? Do they avoid handling certain objects like slime (ewwww)? Perhaps your child constantly seeks to touch certain textures or is drawn to messy activities. Touch...

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Understanding Visual Processing Disorder

The visual system is much more important than having the ability to see, having perfect 20/20 or sharp vision.  It is also understanding what you see and making appropriate decisions or actions accordingly. Visual processing refers to that ability to make sense of...

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Signs of Poor Core Strength in Kids

Importance of core: As we all know, core strength involves the muscles of the abdomen. But did you know that it also includes muscles such as within the lower back, shoulders, and stomach? Core strength is a very important building block to the development of motor...

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