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Kool KATTS Team!

Doing good is always better amongst friends

What’s the best thing about working at KoolKatts? Easy. The people.

We’re devoted, committed, diverse and driven to be the most Pawsome therapists in Western Sydney. We are energised by the happiness we bring to families while supporting each other. We provide awesome experiences to families and love doing it together.

More about our Occupational Therapy Jobs and Roles

We are a growing business and always on the look out for inclusive, fun, excited, energetic and creative therapists with a passion for Children’s development.

More about working at Kool KATTS.

Here are 6 opportunities you’ll have at Kool KATTS that no other paediatric occupational clinic can offer:


We are a Apple site and our staff are equipped with all the technology to make your therapy simple. Macbooks, Ipads, AppleTV, Homepods and GoPro. Saying that we do support Windows and Android too


We are located in Sydneys second CBD, Parramatta and we have a light rail station at our door that links to Parramatta and Westmead stations. Public transport to the door and we have a cafe in our building, That means coffee.

Outdoor Groups

Kool KATTS offers outdoor groups like Sense Rugby and basketball which gives you the opportunity to do your job outside. Soak up the sunshine while working, Happy days.

Purpose Built Clinic

We recently moved into our new purpose built clinic which includes rooms focusing specific treatments. Softplay, slides, swings, climbing ropes and wall, monkey bars, stretchies are the norm.

The Toy Bar

You’ll never have a bigger selection of toys to pick from for your therapy. With over 30 tubs and 60 games, just walk into The Toy Bar and grab one anyone of the games or toys that you include in your therapy session.

Unlimited KATT Puns

Every purrrrrect day is pawesome. You are expected to join in and laugh hiss-terically with all the cat puns you can think of and share. Believe me, Im fur real!

And here are 5 more reasons why working with us will be better for you:

Flexibility and Work/life balance

We work on a 4 day week so that you can put your all into your families and relax on the weekend and recharge.

Supportive Management

Our management team live our Kool Katts value of ‘Leave ‘em Feline Good’. We are passionate and dedicated to developing our our team. We genuinely care about them as a person and as a professional.

Career Development Program

Our team members are ‘The Katts Pyjamas’! They are devoted to developing themselves personally and professionally and we provide them with the tools and funding to be able to be the best clinicians they can.


At Kool KATTS we know that supported and knowledgeable clinicians love the important work they do so we provide weekly mentoring with a senior clinician, along with monthly group mentoring with ‘experts’ in our field from the US.


Our clinicians have ‘The Right Kattitude’! We are a team that works and plays together. We bring energy, enthusiasm, friendship, joy and laughter to the workplace. You wont’ find a better team culture anywhere else!

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