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Kimberlee Hughes Kool KATTS director

Kimberlee Hughes

Occupational Therapist and Owner

Kimberlee is Kool Kids And Teens Therapy Service’s Founder, Director and one of its Senior Clinicians. Kimberlee is an experienced and sought after paediatric therapist in the Parramatta area.

Kimberlee is passionate about being able to support children and parents to live their best lives. She has undertaken, and continues to pursue specialist training in the DIR Floortime and Sensory Integration approaches, to understand and tailor therapy to each and every child. Kimberlee graduated with an honours degree from Western Sydney University. She is a busy mum of 2 and 3 step children!!

After going through the challenges of raising a ‘spirited’ child, she realises that she finds her joy in working helping make the lives of parents with children that have neurobiological disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, developmental delays and learning difficulties.

Some of Kimberlee’s qualifications include: 

  • Bachelor of Health Science, Master of Occupational Therapy
  • Ulster University Foundations and Neuroscience of Sensory Integration
  • Profectum Academy (DIR) Professional Certificate
  • Wilbarger Sensory Defensiveness Course
  • Clasi Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration
  • Canadian Orientation to Occupational Performance (COOP)
  • Westmead Feelings Program
  • Secret Agent Society
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Leadership for Health Professionals
  • Circle of Security Early Intervention Parenting Program

Kimberlee is a member of the Australian Occupational Therapy Association and The Culture is Everything Health Professionals Group.
She aims to make Kool KATTS one of the BEST places to work!


Senior Occupational Therapist / Team Leader

Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy – BSc (OT)

Michelle is a dedicated and passion-driven occupational therapist with many years of hands-on professional practice in a wide variety of settings such as in hospitals, community, school-based, rehabilitation centres, aged care facilities, and private clinics both in Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Her extensive experience includes treating children with physical and intellectual disabilities, global developmental delays, visual and hearing disabilities, genetic anomalies as wells as metabolic disorders. She also has special interests in psychosocial disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD, and Regulation/Sensory processing challenges. 

Michelle has undertaken advanced training in Sensory Processing challenges such as Low Vision, Sensory Processing for Executive Functioning, Sensory Integration and Praxis and Visual-Vestibular Praxis Deficits.

Michelle has extensive experience with mentoring, training, and supporting other occupational therapists to help further develop their clinical skills.

Michelle has a wonderful, caring demeanour and our parents and children absolutely love her from the minute they meet her! Michelle is a mum of 2 young children. She loves spending time with her family and exploring Sydney!



Occupational Therapist

Master of Occupational Therapy – MOT

Brittaney is an empathetic and caring therapist who is passionate about working with children. She works within a client and family-centered framework to tailor therapy to each child’s unique therapy goals. Brittaney is passionate about helping children participate more fully in everyday life by supporting their fine and gross motor development. She uses play-based activities to engage and motivate children to work on their developmental and self-regulation skills during sessions.

She has extensive experience working with children and teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, ADHD to assist them in their motor challenges. She is particularly passionate about working with babies and children with motor disorders (e.g. Down Syndrome, Acquired Brain Injury, and various genetic conditions etc.)

Additionally, Brittaney runs our SOS feeding program and has undertaken post-graduate studies in motor coordination and handwriting challenges. She gets amazing handwriting results!



Occupational Therapist

Masters of Occupational Therapy – MOT

Ira is an energetic and dedicated therapist who loves nothing more than putting a smile on children’s faces and watching achieve their fullest potential.

Ira has previously worked in the Philippines, where she was situated in a Multidisciplinary clinic alongside Speech therapists and Physiotherapists to help children, young adults and families achieve their therapy goals. For four years, she has been collaboratively working with children and their parents by performing screening assessments, individualised and group therapy programs in areas such as gross and fine motor skills development, social skills development, sensory integration, self-care skills and more. Ira has a particular interest in sensory integration, feeding, handwriting and running group sessions.

Ira has been fortunate to work with diverse range of clients including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, ADHD, Down Syndrome.

For her Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy Ira developed a social skills assessment tool!



Occupational Therapist

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy – BOT / Bachelor of Health Science BHSc

Christina is an energetic and passionate Occupational Therapist with a number of years working with children 5-15 years. She has experience working alongside children and their families in home, school, and daycare settings. Christina believes that working to a child and family’s strengths is imperative to participation in therapy, and their daily life. Christina has a double degree and majored in Movement Science so she loves to get our kids up and moving! Christina loves to work with children in a group setting and runs some of our social, motor and handwriting groups.

In her spare time, Christina can’t get enough of the kids and is the vice principal of her church’s Sunday School.

Christina is our resident Korean speaking OT!


Occupational Therapist

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy – BOT

Alyssa is a calm and compassionate OT and loves working with our early intervention children and their parents. She has a particular interest in DIR Floortime therapy, Sensory Integration, and school readiness for our children with Developmental Delay and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Alyssa has a particular passion for helping children who are fussy eaters and is trained in the SOS approach to feeding. She aims to support children and their parents to develop their eating skills and develops functional strategies for parents to carry over into the home environment. Alyssa is confident working with children who are nonverbal.

Alyssa has extensive experience working with children and teens with a variety of challenges as a Senior Educator prior to becoming an Occupational Therapist.
Outside of work, Alyssa is always active. You’ll find her playing soccer and a dedicated netball coach to teens in the area.



Occupational Therapist

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy – BOT

Isobel loves to create a fun but challenging environment for children. She enjoys working with our pre-school and early primary children to develop their motor co-ordination, executive functioning, and emotional regulation.
Isobel has experience working with children to develop their social skills and help regulate their emotions under the Social Thinking Curriculum course. She helps children and their parents in understanding thoughts and feelings. Previously, Isobel completed her 4th year placement with us and we just couldn’t let her leave!

She regularly volunteers her time for a number of community and disability children’s programs. Throughout her life, Isobel has always been passionate about keeping fit and healthy, and in her spare time, enjoys endurance water polo, netball and exploring anywhere outdoors!


Therapy Assistant

Georga has a passion for working with paediatric clients and their families. In her previous placement experiences, she has worked with clients in clinics, community settings such as schools, and home environments. She has experience with children with Autism, ADHD, sensorimotor difficulties and cognitive challenges to name just a few.

Georga’s excellent communication skills and encouraging nature means that she easily connects with children and their support network, which builds strong therapeutic relationships. She likes to make her therapy sessions fun and uses a play-based approach to assist paediatric clients in achieving their goals and increasing their independence in everyday activities.



Practice Coordinator

Karin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us and our families. Prior to joining the team, Karin managed a number of health businesses both in Australia and South Africa. She managed to move to Sydney during the Covid pandemic and we were lucky enough to snap her up.

Karin is super organised and keeps the place working like a well oiled machine! She is kind, compassionate and brings a lovely maturity to her interactions with our families. They all feel comforted in their communication with her.

Outside of work, Karin has fun with her two children and is an energetic, fun Zumba instructor!!!

Lauren Sydney Occupational Therapist